Sunday, 11 December 2011

Potty Training For Girls

Now, I know potty training is also for boys, but as far as we’re concerned in this house at the moment, I need to know the deal with potty training for girls – me and Mummy.  Daddy’s going to help, but let’s face it, Mummy’s going to have to deal with most of the whoopsies so she’s quite keen to minimise them.
Just to bring you up to speed, I’m still at the bottom end (no pun intended) of the ‘suggested’ age range for potty training. I’ve been quite interested for some time in the special chair in the bathroom that I’m not allowed to lick, that apparently grown-ups use,  although I have only ever seen Mummy and Daddy sitting on it.  They’re quite happy to tell me what’s going on, but I guess you all understand that without me spelling it out.
Anyway, getting to the point, Mummy thought it wouldn’t do any harm to get a potty and leave it around.  My dollies sit on from time to time, I sit on it, sometimes with my nappy on sometimes without.  Pre-potty, I’d had a few accidents during nappy-free time, and quite frankly, I find them mortifyingly embarrassing.  Just horrendous.  I don’t know whether to run away, crying my eyes out, or bury my head in Mummy’s leg, crying my eyes out.  I’ve started telling her, “poo,” when I’d like a clean nappy, so my awareness is improving.
So, yesterday morning, I was charging around my room playing, bare-bottomed, and I suddenly had the urge.  Mummy can spot it now because my eyes go a little pink and I stop what I’m doing, so she leaped across the room to grab the potty in the nick of time. Ta-dah!  I did it! One Number Two in the bag.  I gave myself a round of applause.
Mummy likes to think she’s in control around here, but I like to take charge of the schedule every now and then, to keep her on her toes.  She was going to breastfeed till I was at least six months.  Nah, I gave up at five.  She planned on doing this potty thing next summer, I say let’s spice things up a bit now.
I think it caught Mummy a bit by surprise.  She doesn’t even have a book on potty training yet, and Mummy has a book on everything.  A quick Google later and the three of us went out for me to pick my own potty, a step for me to reach the big girls’ loo, and a special seat to stop me falling in.  We’re armed with training pants, and some very pretty panties.
I’m after any other potty-training tips you have to get us all through this as quickly and easily as possible.  What do you have for us, lovely readers?
Sorry, that was a really sh*t post!  Ha ha!
CB x


  1. Tell mummy to keep a 'diary' of when you do a number 2, as that is the first thing you will be able to do first, it is best if she writes it down somewhere and then memorizes it, then she can lead you to the potty when you would normally do it as you will be pretty regular... She also has to never tell you off if you have an accident, as well it was an accident and if she shouts it will upset you and will take longer to learn how and when to go potty...

  2. Shh don't tell anyone I said this but tell mommy that other children get rewards when they use the potty or toilet. Some get lots of praise, other get stickers and oh my some even get sweets/chocolate.

  3. I don't think you should know the word sh*t CB !

    You haven't been hanging round with that potty mouth Actually Mummy have you ?

    I like the way you have it under control and have mummy guessing ;)

  4. Thanks AmsterdaMummy - we get a 'timesheet' from nursery but Mummy hadn't thought of keeping one herself. Top tip!

    Ooh, Pinkoddy - rewards?! Really? That sounds great! I'm up for some of that.

    Mammasaurus - I learned all my naughty words from Daddy. Mummy's thinking of turning my money box into a swear pot and fining him every time she hears something rude. Great plan, I say!

  5. Chatty! Don't you know anything? Demand a chocolate button every time you go!! Goodness gracious girl, let Mummy know, she doesn't get anything for nothing, not in this game!
    (She can wean you off them later;)


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