Thursday, 24 November 2011

Wot So Funee? Good Vibrations From The Cat Next Door

Our next door neighbours have a beautiful cat.  He’s white and really fluffy, and his name is Dylan.  He drives Hairy Dog crazy but does seem to enjoy taunting him.
Anyway, we were watching him yesterday and Mummy said, “Look, there’s Dylan. Can you say ‘Dylan?’”
“Dylan,” I dutifully responded.
“Oh, clever girl!” Mummy gushed, “Can you say it again?”
“D*ldo.” (I can’t put the vowel in for fear of weird traffic, but in case you’ve not figured it out, replace the '*' with an 'i'.)
Mummy sniggered.
“D*ldo.” I said again, and have done ever since.  I don’t understand – Wot So Funee?
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  1. Oh dear - now that Mummy has laughed you'll never stop! I predict years of fun to be had at your house!

  2. Oh bless you, CB! The Bat says "t!tties" for "there it is" and "b!tch" for "bricks".

  3. That is brilliant!! I love these "funnee's" theyre great!

  4. Oh that's fab! Hope you don't tell the 'next neighbours' (as my youngest would say) what you call their cat!

  5. Brilliant! Totally cheered up my day!

  6. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. Hoping to have more funnees in the weeks to come.

  7. Oh Chatty Baby I fear you have been spending too much time with mummy!

  8. Mammasaurus, whatever do you mean?!


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