Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Three Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day - Part 2

Last week, my What?Wednesday took a bit of a different turn.  I ditched my post-it notes in favour of a tangible ‘thing’ for Joe Public to look out for and I released three rubber ducks back into the wild. Each one had a number and a label, asking people who found them to move them on to another location for someone else to find, and so their journey continues.  A duckie jailbreak, if you will.  It started at Cheddar Gorge, in Somerset.
Duck 1 was left on the roof of a car.  I picked it because it had a car seat inside, so I assumed the owner of the car knows a small person, and hence might be my ‘target market.’  I heard from the man who found it that night to say he had my duckie, but nothing since.  I hope the duck is in the process of being found again.
Duck 2 is my current success story!  He has crossed not one but two county borders and was last heard of in St Austell in Cornwall.  I left him outside the Cheddar Gorge visitor centre and the four year old boy of a lovely honeymooning couple found him.  He will be left somewhere new this week. (the duck, not the little boy, that is!)
Duck 3 is still Missing In Action.  He had already gone by the time we drove back down through the Gorge, so I’m hoping we’ll have news of him soon.
This week, there are three more ducks on the loose.  I've opted for central London this time, about as far removed from leafy Somerset as possible.  Ducks 4 and 5 were set free in Jamie’s Bar in Bishopsgate, and Duck 6 was last seen travelling in the back of a black cab.  Who knows where they’ll end up!  Send news if you find one!
I'm so excited about my quackers adventure, I've even set them up with their own page, so you can check here for updates on where in the world my ducks have been. 


  1. Excellent stuff! They were found then - how cool is that!
    I'm feeling somewhat deflated that I dont think mine will be found this week but I will soldier on regardless!
    Quack little duckies if you read this!

  2. Don't be deflated! Percy's still on the loose isn't he? And the very fine Mammasaurus is out there from today, so sit tight.


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