Friday, 11 November 2011

You Get The Picture!

Welcome to “You Get The Picture!”  It’s very simple.  I love looking at pictures, whether photos or handcrafted masterpieces.  I particularly love those that tell a story or that really show a lot of effort and love has gone into it.
There are some great photo memes out there already, but I don’t think there’s one that includes children’s drawings and paintings, and I think they’re the lovely things that should be cherished and shared.  I think too often ‘masterpieces’ are filed away there isn’t enough space for them all on the walls, or they upset the decor, and certainly these days people take more photos than they ever print.  This is your chance to share them!
There are no rules to “You Get The Picture.”  You can just post a picture or photo, or you can elaborate and add words as well.  A lengthy essay, if you really want to.  Anyone can join in – you don’t need to follow me or have commented on anything I’ve done, and if you join in this week, you’re not committed to posting next week.  I won’t even be upset if you never join in again.
All I ask is that you have a look at some of the other entries (fingers crossed for some of them!) Oh, and tell your friends!
So, here’s my first picture.  It’s inspired by the fireworks we saw last weekend and it’s created using glue and glitter.

The linky will open at 00:01 tonight and stay open over the weekend until 23:59 on Sunday.

There will be a badge and a page but I’m having a few technical difficulties again.  Sorry!


  1. I love your sparkly picture Chatty and what a great linky xx

  2. Haha - great idea. My 4 yo is big into making things at the mo and it is a bit of a challenge to work out what they are. Will link up soon. x

  3. Thanks both. I fear I'm going to have to ask Daddy for some technical help to really get this Linky off the ground.

  4. Brill idea CB! If you need a hand with a badge or kinky shizzle just shout :) x

  5. Thanks Mamma, I might just take you up on that. x

  6. Oh i have so many I can put on here! Too late now though - I'll join in next week!


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