Friday, 25 November 2011

Where I Do It . . .

I’ve been tagged by several people in the “Where Do You Do It?” meme – apologies for taking so long to get round to actually sharing with you all.
I generally do it here, on the sofa.

Sometimes I face forwards but other times I spin round and put my feet up on the sofa.  That way, I can see Daddy sitting in his chair, but I can also see the fire, which I really love.  I have my feet up tonight and the flames are licking the logs, which just makes the whole house feel so cosy.
I would love to have a proper office to write and work from, perhaps in the garden, and I (and Mummy) believe it will happen one day. Until then, I make myself comfy in the sitting room, beside the window, with my drink and my things around me.


  1. Who needs an office? Looks fine to me!

  2. Thanks Nikki. It is fine, you're right. I shouldn't grumble. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Your ducks look even brighter on a photo of your website! I blog on the sofa too, or the kitchen, or in bed, at my desk........

  4. Thanks GG. In bed?! Goodness! Such a versatile blogger :) x

  5. Looks cosy to me! Budge up I'll be round in 10!

  6. No problem, Mammasaurus, just watch yourself on some of the cushions - they are covered in baby slime!


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