Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wake up and smell the coffee!

New mummies, you’ll just need to get used to the fact that you won’t get to enjoy much in the way of hot drinks for a while, so remember the smell.  As sure as night follows day, we babies will do whatever we can to make sure it’s cooled right down before it gets to a point where you might be able to lift the mug anywhere near your lips.

For starters, caffeine’s bad for you!  Didn’t the doctors tell you to cut down on it before we came along?  Don’t revert back to bad habits now! Especially if you heap loads of sugar into it.  We’re doing you a favour.

The same goes for tea, not just coffee.  I know the cuppa is a national institution, but there’s no need to have it hot, surely?  Besides, it’s good sport trying to watch you keep us occupied long enough to snatch a few sips.

Listen up, new babies – this is a great trick. Spend a few weeks listening to the routine of tea-making; your mummy will run the tap for water, open the cupboard for a mug, put it on the counter, probably open the fridge for milk.  In the meantime, the kettle’s boiling.  You'll begin to recognise the sounds.

You’ll hear the click of the switch as it turns itself off, then water pouring into the mug.  My advice to you – wait another couple of minutes, to allow enough time to brew and for the journey between the kitchen and your mummy’s favourite chair.  Then SCREAM!  For me, best results are achieved when she thinks I’m sleeping.  By the time I’ve cooled down, so has her drink, so it’s safe enough for her to have without risk of burning her mouth. 

It’s important to consider every possible risk to their health and make sure all sensible precautions are taken.  Think about it; she’s probably carrying you, she’s tired anyway from getting up several times in the night so her concentration is poor, and the chances of her spilling in on herself, or you, are greatly increased.  You know it makes sense.


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