Saturday, 28 May 2011

An Appropriate Pyjama-Code?

I read this week about a headmaster who’s told the mummies that they have to get dressed before they drop off their children in morning.  Of course they have to get dressed!  I was stunned that he was even put in the position where he had to think about it!  And then, when he also commented that they were collecting the children, still in their pyjamas, I had to check the date to make sure I wasn’t an April fool.

Leaving the house in your pyjamas is wrong on so many counts.  Firstly, they’re the clothes you slept in.  Being seen in public in your nightwear shouts very loudly,  “I’ve not had a wash yet today.”  Yuck.  I know Mummy tries to keep me clean and once I’ve had breakfast, there’s no way she’d be able to take me out in my sleepsuit.  I know grown-ups are more adept at eating than I am, but don’t you guys sweat at night?
The only time nightwear is ever acceptable in front of anyone other than close friends or family is when the invitation clearly states it as a dress code because you’re going to a pyjama party.  Surely  otherwise that’s why we call it a ‘dress’ code – you have to get dressed.
I’ve seen my mummy trying to get everything ready in the morning, and believe me, some days it’s not a pretty sight, but she always finds time to get dressed.  How long does it take to put on jeans and a jumper?  I get that it might not be worth doing a full face of make-up and Cheryl Cole-style big hair just to do the school run or to nip to the shops, but have the decency to put some clothes on.
We always get dressed in our house.  Sometimes if we’re having a ‘lazy day,’ we might not get dressed till later on, but that’s only if we haven’t left the house, and we certainly wouldn’t entertain guests in our jim-jams.  When I was very new, Mummy set herself a targetof being dressed by midday during the week, even if we weren’t doing anything.  This made sure she had a focus and something to aim for, otherwise it could easily become a downward spiral of not looking good, not feeling good, and so on, which is a dangerous game when your hormones are raging.
And when they’re not, there’s absolutely no excuse! Show some self-respect!  If you don’t, why on earth should anyone else take you seriously?

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