Sunday, 29 May 2011

10 Things Being A New Mummy Will Teach You

I was out to lunch today with Mummy, Daddy and some friends, and one of the ladies there is going to have her first baby in the Autumn.  Naturally, she wanted advice about what to expect, and it got the mummies thinking about what they wish they’d known beforehand and what they’ve learnt since the babies were born.  Here’s the top 10:

1. The day your baby is born is only the best day of your life until they sleep through for the first time.

2. Mummies can function on four hours sleep. Pre-baby, being up half the night would have meant a ‘sick day,’ ill or not.  Now there is no option so you have to just get on with it.

3. Six hours sleep a night is normal and eight makes you feel like a new woman.

4. Getting to drink a cup of tea that is still hot when you get to the bottom is a Facebook-worthy achievement.

5. Lunch is no longer sometime between 1 and  2 o’clock. It's midday, on the dot!

6. Work is somewhere mummies go for a rest.

7. A bump on the head hurts much more if someone’s watching.

8. Mummy is prepared to wage war against anyone who wakes me up.  She’s talking about having Hairy Dog stuffed, or his head mounted at the very least, because it’s usually him.

9. Changing a nappy once your child can roll over requires a level of skill and manual dexterity completely unknown to those without children!

10. Look out for the handful of dog food - it always means I have a mouthful too!

What would you add to the list?



  1. I'll second those!Especially number 6! I was at the doctors last week and LOVED the fact the GP was running an hour late- a whole hour - by myself- with magazines!

  2. 1. 10.30 pm is a late night.
    2. You will never sleep deeply again.

  3. Mummy's very jealous at the thought of that time with magazines, Mammasaurus!

    Older Mum - 10:30?! Mummy says that's almost an all-nighter! And you're quite right, she hasn't slept deeply since.


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