Monday, 23 May 2011

Don't bottle it!

Mummy’s trying to be a bit sneaky at the moment.  She’s been waving a cup at me and leaving it around strategically so it suddenly appears when we’re doing stuff.  I know what she’s up to.  My birthday’s not all that far away now, and either someone’s told her, or she’s read in one of her baby books (I wish she’d just start the fire with them!) that toddlers should not drink from bottles any more.  Now, does that mean that if I’m not walking, it doesn’t count and I can still have my lovely, familiar, comforting bottle?  Hey, crawling suits me just fine!  And I’ve figured out a way of carrying things and still getting around.
But seriously, a ‘toddler’ can be anyone from about 10 months, and that seems far too young to me to be having to relinquish the bottle.  I decided when I’d had enough of The Boob, and I’d like the freedom of choice to decide when I’m ready to go it alone without the bottle.  Next she’ll be telling me she wants my dummy back!
I’ve heard all the excuses; a shark ate them all, a new baby needs them. . . whatever!  Do you grown-ups think we’re stupid?  I really don’t think the odd bottle now and then is going to be apocalyptic.  I’ll learn to talk, I’ll look after my teeth, I promise.  Everything else is happening at such speed developmentally, just let me hang on to that little bit of reassurance a bit longer.  Please.

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