Friday, 11 May 2012

Pregnancy Hormones

I’m not exactly sure what “pregnancy hormones” means, but it’s Mummy’s excuse for everything at the moment.  It’s why she left my coat in the car the other day and I got wet running into nursery. It’s why she left her own shoes in the nursery when she left to go to work.  It’s why she’s laughing hysterically one minute and bawling her eyes out the next. She’s becoming a bit of an embarrassment, if I’m honest.

I discovered a new meaning to “Terrible Twos” yesterday, too, and for once, it wasn’t me misbehaving.  I think it’s quite accurate to use it for the second trimester of pregnancy, if my experience is anything to go by.  None of this “blooming” I’ve heard rumoured, and Daddy’s been looking out for that very keenly.

She walked into the kitchen door (she’s so clumsy at the moment!) and dropped her mug.  It smashed into a thousand tiny pieces, but Mummy’s meltdown was even more spectacular; the wailing, the tears, the ensuing sobbing!  I was quite impressed for a minute.  Then I got bored and left her to her grieving and clearing up, and went back to what I was doing.  So, it was her favourite mug, but really – did it warrant such a scene?

I think all three of us are desperate for the transition to blooming.  I’ll keep you posted!

CB  x

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  1. Oh baby girl, you might as well learn to make Mummy a cup of tea now - she's going to need a lot of those in the next 18 months!


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