Monday, 16 April 2012

Big News From Chatty's House!

Word on the street is that Mummy and Daddy are getting another baby!  I don’t know for sure because they haven’t told me, but it seems I’m the last to know.  Why would they tell me?  I’m only their beloved daughter!

But everyone else seems to be talking about it.  We met friends over the weekend and they were asking Mummy things like “Have you told Chatty yet?” as if I weren’t in the room, or my ears don’t work.  And then yesterday, we had lunch with my rellies and my cousin asked me about being a big sister to the new baby.  Now, I don’t know what a “sister” is, but it was pretty clear about a new baby.

We don’t need one, surely?  Am I not challenge enough for Mummy and Daddy?!  Note to self: Must up my game a bit, quickly!  We have a dog, we have chickens, we have my baby dollies for goodness sake.  No need, if you ask me.  Which they haven’t.

I think the New Baby must be coming from a long way away because we’re not getting it for a while.  I guess it’s one of these fancy mail order things that Mummy likes.  Apparently we’ll have it before I get to dress up as a witch for Halloween, and that’s ages away.  On the plus side, that’s plenty of time for me to persuade Mummy to cancel the order.  In the meantime, I'm practicing my best 'surprised' face for when they think to mention it.

CB x


  1. Ahhhh, congratulations. I'm sure you'll love having a baby brother or sister. I am a big sister and it's great having someone to boss around, you'll love it.
    I hope Mummy is well with it. Be very kind to her, it's not always easy waiting for a baby to come.
    A happy for you all. X

  2. One of your best yet Chatty - just imagine the funny things you can say about a new baby! Endless opportunities for a giggle! Pass on my congrats to Mummy and Daddy :)
    PS - there are all sorts of perk to being a big sister, just be sure to milk them ;)
    (Huge congrats and hugs!)

  3. Congratulations! Hope you've mastered your surprised/how wonderful face :-)

  4. Ahhhh how lovely!! I am sure your gonna make a a brill big sister, : ) please send Mummy and Daddy my congratulations! : ) xxx

  5. YAY! Congratulations CB! And big hugs to your mummy - I hope that she isn't suffering from the yucky morning sickness too much!

    That's really great and has made me grin from ear to ear!

  6. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. Hoping to get back to blogging a bit more now we're not holding Mummy's hair out of her face while she looks intently at something in the loo!


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