Monday, 2 July 2012

A Disgraceful Lack Of Posts!

Yikes, it’s been over a month since my last post! (Nearly two, if you look closely!) I’m slacking in my old age!  In that time, so much has happened.  In brief summary, and not in any particular order:

  • -          It was the Jubilee!  I spent a lovely weekend with friends and family, dancing, eating and laughing – is there a better way to celebrate?
  • -          My friend got herself a baby sister.  I want one!
  • -          Mummy said I’m getting one.  A baby sister, that is.  No sign yet.  I want her NOW!
  • -          Hairy Dog nearly died.
  • -          Perhaps the biggest news is that I had a birthday.  How cool are they?!  I spent the week after the big day trying to persuade Mummy and Daddy to prolong the festivities, pleading and sometimes demanding, “More Birthday!”

It’s been a really exciting month, all in all.  Fuelled by the lovely people at Plum Baby, I’ve taught myself to do roly-polies, much to Mummy’s dismay.  The Plum crew sent me some really yummy Oaty Chomp bars – strawberry cheesecake flavour!  They don’t have any nasty added salt or sugar (just strawberries and raisins to make them sweet) and as the name suggests, they’re made of organic oats and quinoa.  At 20g, they’re a perfect snack size, although I often try and hold out for a second – a growing girl needs plenty of energy, after all – and although I can’t manage the wrapper yet, I have no trouble holding the bar and shovelling it into my mouth.

Speaking of shovelling, that describes perfectly how the multigrain crispy rings pass my lips!  Cheddar was my favourite (in fact, there is also Gouda in there) but I was rather partial to the Tomato rings, too.  Again they use quinoa, but also corn and rice, and something called ‘teff,’ which is rich in fibre, iron, protein and calcium – perfect for helping toddler gymnastics!

So, about the gymnastics.  I couldn’t really tell you where I got my inspiration, I just fancied giving it a go.  I’m not ready for Olympic Roly Poly competition yet but there’s still time.  I get a bit lop-sided every now and then, and I have a tendency to go over on my head rather than tuck it in, but it’s another pretty fancy move to my repertoire.  Oh, and I got a trampoline for my birthday so life is pretty energetic around here these days!

You can buy Plum products direct from them online at, or from the major supermarkets, as well some other retailers.

Hairy Dog nearly drowned in next door’s pond because he fell in and hadn’t told anyone he was going out.  Thankfully Daddy noticed he was missing and went to look for him.  Everyone was frightened, not least HD and the fish in the pond!  I hear about the pond and how dangerous it can be A LOT at the moment. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

CB x

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  1. Ha! More Birthday! Sooon you'll be ready for Wot So Funee? ;)


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