Friday, 18 March 2011

Ready . . . Steady . . . GO!

I’m finally on the move!  Persistence was the key and I’d been practising for what seemed like forever.  It all started when I thought about bearing some weight on my arms.  My second leg kept getting stuck under my bottom and that held me back for a while – it wasn’t even really a shuffle at that stage, and boy, was it frustrating! I’m embarrassed to say, there were a few tantrums.
I think Independence might be my second name.  It’s about time I started calling some shots around here – I’ll choose where I play, and if I don’t like what I’m given to play with, I’ll select something myself, even if it doesn’t fall into the conventional ‘toy’ bracket.  Today, I’m liking plug sockets.  It’s only right to point out to Daddy all the potential trip hazards so I’ve been waving loose cables at him wherever I find them.  Someone could do themselves a nasty injury!
I think Mummy and Daddy were beginning to wonder if I’d ever figure it out.  Daddy didn’t crawl but perfected a bum-shuffle, and Mummy went straight to walking.  Even I am impressed with the speed I’ve built up in just a few days! 
I think grown-ups should just chill out – we babies will manage to get around, don’t you worry!  Some of my friends have been crawling for ages, others still aren’t.  I sometimes wonder if I should have held out a little longer.  I mean, why bother getting up to fetch something myself when if I scream loud enough, someone will just bring it to me.
So, must dash now – I’ve seen something on the other side of the room that needs investigating quickly!

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