Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mothering Sunday - your 5 day warning!

This Sunday is going to be my first Mothers’ Day, or Mothering Sunday, as I should say.
I’m told that we celebrate it from when, in years gone by, girls who worked as servants were given a day off to visit their mummy.  I’m glad I only have to play when I go to nursery!  I made my Mummy a card today, and Daddy is going to help me pick out a really special present.  I also hope he’ll subsidise my budget, because I haven’t been able to save much yet!
I believe that there are much deeper religious connotations to Mothering Sunday than most people celebrate now, but I’m looking forward to celebrating my mummy, giving her some pretty flowers, and spending some “quality time” with her.  I might even let her have her cup of tea before it gets cold!
Let me know how you’re planning to spoil your mummy.

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