Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Baby Talk - Learning To Communicate

We were talking earlier this week (well, technically the mummies were talking while we babies had lunch) about speech and words and language, and our capabilities.  One yummy mummy had read that by 18 months, we should have at least discernable six words that we can use in context.
I’m getting there with my speaking, but whilst I think I’m pretty good, it seems that not all my words are technically English, so I thought it would be quite fun to record them now.  Well, Mummy thought. Some might well be absorbed into our family lexicon, but Mummy didn’t want to risk losing the others with her forgetfulness.
So, everyone have a laugh at the baby:

Bit – loosely, a biscuit but can be used for any other treaty-type thing
Dildo – next door’s cat (he’s registered at the vet as Dylan)
Knob-knob – a man.  Something I heard Daddy say and repeated; Mummy laughed so I’ve said it again
Muck – a white drink, preferably served warm
Peace – good manners, as in, “Muck. Peace,” rather than, “Muck” on its own, or, “Muck. Now!”
Poo – a universal word for any nappy bi-products
Sick – banging tunes on Daddy’s iPod, sometimes on the radio – for dancing to
Tattoo – conveys gratitude on receipt of a bit, muck, or anything else I’ve asked for
Tit – this is the command I give Hairy Dog when I’d like him to put his bottom on the ground

I have more conventional words like Mummy and Daddy, cat, bat, bird, car, all the regular animal sounds etc, but as they actually sound like the English word they’re supposed to, I guess they’re not at all funny.
CB x


  1. That's just brilliant! Must listen in to Little Man talk when he eventually gets there! x

  2. Chatty! Welcome to Wot So Funee?!!!! You're in! At last! I always held out high hopes for you - I can see the next year is going to be soooo funeeeeeee! Now, tit down, switch off the sick, grab some muck and get Mummy to write more of this hilarious stuff down to share with us, Peace? Tatoo x GG

  3. Thanks for reading, ladies. GG, I've linked up to Wot So Funee - hoping for a few more this year too :)

  4. Thanks HCTG, you're too kind :)


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