Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Teething is a right pain!

This week, I’ve been busy working on my teeth.  I have a few at the front already, but I need more.  Some of my friends have had no problems at all getting theirs through, but, not wishing to sound like a wimp, I’ve been having a bit more trouble.  Looking into it, I’ve been showing classic symptoms:
  • Rosy cheeks
  • Plenty of drooling!
  • General grumpiness – I’m not even in the mood for Daddy’s comedy dancing
  • Rubbing my gums
  • Chewing anything I can get my hands on
  • Less tendency than normal to nap during the day
  • Reduced appetite
Pressure on my gums does seem to help, so I’m trying to chew anything I can get my hands on.  Mummy has a solid teething ring for me that she puts in the fridge for me to help ease the pain.  She says she worries about the liquid-filled ones leaking, so I don’t use them.  We’ve also tried vegetable batons, like carrot or cucumber, which are tasty, cold, and offer a bit of resistance when I’m chomping on them.  But, since the first tooth came through, Mummy’s not given me carrot so much in case I bite off a little bit and choke myself.  I think that would be the final straw for me if I were affronted at the teething experience anyway, and then had to cope with my hysterical Mummy thwacking me on the back trying to dislodge my snack!
A strip of muslin square, knotted, and popped in the freezer is also pretty good, and of course there’s always drugs!  By that, I mean paracetemol or ibuprofen, naturally, and only now I’m over 3 months old!  If you’re not sure, check with your GP or pharmacist, especially as there are lots of things that can be confused with teething.
I reserve the right to reject all of this though, with little or no notice, and demand only cuddles as therapy!

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