Thursday, 20 December 2012

Stocking Filler Books - Review

Only five more sleeps!  I am beside myself with excitement!  In fact, I have a bad case of what Mummy and the lovely nursery ladies are calling “Santa Fever.”  I woke up at 4am today to check if the Big Man had been (he hadn’t) and if I’m honest, I am a little anxious that after a few “incidents” (tantrums!) over recent weeks, he might not come at all so that’s preying on my mind.  So when I say I woke up at 4am, what I actually mean is I woke up and stayed up at 4am.  
My stocking is all set, I’ve decorated a lovely plate to put tasty treats on for Santa and the reindeer, and my party dress is hanging on the front of my wardrobe ready to slip on at a moment’s notice.

We were sent some books recently that Mummy says would be great stocking fillers.  Clearly, Father Christmas really does know everyone, because they came from the lovely people at Egmont Publishing. (Perhaps they’re elves, helping out – I’ve not been to their offices, nor actually met anyone, so cannot verify their red and green outfits with bells on.)

Anyway, let me tell you about the books: I love them!  They star instantly recognisable characters from current television programmes, which piqued my interest straight away.  Like old friends, I knew them all by name.  So I don’t spoil any plot lines, I’ll avoid talking about the stories themselves, but the characters are Thomas the Tank Engine (“Snowy Tracks”), Everything’s Rosie (“The Last Snowball”) and Mr Men (“Mr Men Meet Father Christmas”).

There are quite a lot of words on each page so they’re not really suitable as first readers, but the fact that they feature characters from shows aimed at a very young audience means they’re fantastic for reading with grown-ups.  That’s what Mummy and I have been doing.  We talk about the big, bold pictures, I spot things, match colours and so on.

Both Mummy and I love that they’re the size of the Mr Men books she used to read when she was little – “pocket sized,” although not mine!  They fit nicely in Mummy’s handbag so she always has something to entertain (distract!) me when we’re out.  And that suits me.  I ‘read’ them to my dollies, and to Baby Sister now.  They’re easy for my little hands to handle, and it’s nice that I have some ‘big girl’ books now that aren’t made of board – sucking corners is so last year! And best of all for the party season, there's bling on the covers!  Glitter, at any rate.

The books are available from all good book retailers if you’ve already sent your letter to Santa.


  1. Chatty, I made the mistake last year of getting up in the middle of the night to check on my stocking, and found Mummy "raiding" it at the bottom of the stairs! The cheeky mare!
    Bit of advice to your Mum - might want to hang the stocking downstairs so you can get your beauty sleep ;) Enjoy!

  2. Top tip, thanks GG! I can well believe mummies would do that sort of thing! Have a lovely Christmas x


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