Friday, 31 August 2012

What The Duck? It's Gone Stateside!

OH. WOW.  Now, I say this with more excitement than you can possibly imagine (and this from a girl who thinks finding a snail in the garden at nursery is on a par with Christmas)  DUCK 1 IS BACK!

He has checked in, and he has crossed The Pond! 
He is, as they say, Stateside! 
Living it large in the good old US of A!

A quick recap on his travels to date:

He landed on the car of West Country Ales in Cheddar Gorge, where he was found by lovely Daisy, who took him to Scotland and a tour of the Trossachs.

He holidayed in the Canary Islands over Easter, even though he’s a duck, joining Thalia and Charlotte on their trip to Lanzarote.

From there, he hooked up (Hook a-Duck?  Anyone?  Sorry) with Ulysse and Achille and travelled to Luxembourg and then to Boston, Massachusetts where he has been released back into the wild.  Or at least passed to Ulysse and Achille’s neighbours who are 8 and 5.  Best of luck to them - Ulysee and Achille have set the bar so high!

Here are the pictures from his recent adventures:

Isn't he looking well?  Keep up to date with all the ducks' progress at the official What The Duck? page.


  1. Now that is one lucky duck!! Epic travels!

  2. Great News!! Go Superduckie!!


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