Saturday, 19 November 2011

You Get The Picture

Yay! It’s “You Get The Picture” 2!  Back for its second week, my new weekend-long meme is a chance to showcase your children’s artwork or photos, from any time, with or without accompanying words.
My entry this week is a felt pen on paper effort, what Mummy has entitled, “Blue Rage.”  I was playing with Mummy and Daddy this week and I found Mummy’s headphones.  Silly or her to leave them within reach, I agree.  I started twisting and stretching them till Daddy could take it no more and asked me to give them to him.  “Get your own,” I thought, and told him quiet firmly, “No!” 
He asked another couple of times, then counted to three.  On three I got up, walked over to him, reached out my hand with the headphones but then swiped it back before he took them, and ran off laughing.
I was quite affronted when he then took them away, and that’s where the rage bit came in.  Rage on his part too that he’d been mocked by a one-year-old.  Mummy was stifling a laugh. She thinks I didn’t see but I did.

(Please excuse the big white spot in the middle - it's the flash bouncing off plastic because this work of art is laminated!)
And now it’s your turn!


  1. Brilliant, and I love the title 'Blue Rage'! :)

  2. 'Blue Rage' sounds like some sort of mental cocktail! "Yes a white wine spritzer and 3 Blue Rages please barman!"

    Loving the artwork- I must set Queen Scamp loose with the pens!

  3. It's a great picture Chatty!You certainly covered the page well!
    And fancy mummy laminating it!I also love laminators!
    Mammasaurus that's so funny and so true,blue rage does sound like a cocktail!

  4. Oh and thanks for liking my littles craft work.He does not find making things & drawing easy so I'm always trying to show him that he *can do it*

  5. Oooh you laminate them and keep them?? YOu're going to have an awfully big portfolio in a couple of years!

  6. This is such a good idea - what Mum would not want display their child's 'artwork'? It's on the firdge, the kitchen wall - the utility room door in the hall in my case!

    I was clearing piles of paper rom the ounge the other day - K'Boo has a tendancy to create 'artwork' and scatter it around for all to see!

    As I was gathering it all up to put away in the 'forever not to be seen place' - I stopped and thought "I should photograph and put on Twitter"!!!

    And then I fall across this meme :o

    I shall submit my post later - yay!

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone. A Blue Rage cocktail sound like it should be yummy! Mammasaurus, I'm guessing it's gin-based?

    Jess/GG - just to be clear, Mummy doesn't want you all thinking she's crazy! My picture was laminated at nursery. M does love displaying my masterpieces, but with the risk of artwork taking over the whole house, we have a couple of frames that we regularly refresh and replace.

    Honiebuk - can't wait to see your entry!


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